Whether you need help quitting, you want to know how to protect your community from secondhand smoke, or you're an educator who wants your class to know the harms of tobacco, Tobacco Free Boone County is here to support and assist you!
Decrease Adult Smoking Rates
Tobacco Free Boone County promotes the Indiana Quitline (1-800-QUIT NOW) to those who are trying to quit smoking. You can also register online here.
Decrease Youth Smoking Rates
Tobacco Free Boone County works hard to educate the community about tobacco strategies used to entice youth to smoke. For more information on anti-tobacco youth initiatives, check out VOICE Indiana.
Prevent Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
Tobacco Free Boone County is consistently working towards new policies to ensure all Boone County residents have the ability to breathe smoke-free air at work and in all public places.
Indiana Yearly Deaths Due to Smoking
Indiana's Tobacco Use Rating
Boone County Yearly Deaths Due to Smoking

The Impact of Tobacco on Boone County

Roughly 5% of Boone County residents will die each year due to smoking related illnesses    •    Tobacco smoke includes at least 69 cancer-causing chemicals  •    Secondhand smoke kills 1,426 Hoosiers and more than 41,000 Americans each year  •    Exposure to secondhand smoke can increase a non-smoker’s risk of heart disease or lung cancer by over 30%.
Adults in Boone County Who Smoke
E-Cigarette Use Among Youth
Pregnant Women Who Smoke

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Tobacco Free Boone County Coalition

Interested in becoming more hands-on in making Boone County tobacco free? Come join the Tobacco Free Boone County coalition! Tobacco Free Boone County is here to help Boone County kick tobacco for good. If you are interested in partnering with Tobacco Free Boone County or would like help, click here to reach out.
Emily Dougherty
Emily Dougherty

Tobacco Education Coordinator

Emily has always had a passion for public service. She received her Bachelors degree from Purdue University. Emily has formerly worked in the casino industry and has seen first hand some of the effects tobacco can have on people. That experience along with her time working with inner city youth while at Indianapolis Public Schools has helped guide her in her role on the TFBC Coalition.

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