The American tobacco industry is now dominated by only two companies. Altria continues to reign as the US’s largest tobacco company and British American Tobacco bumped itself up to number 2 after it finalized its acquisition of Reynolds American.

This puts British American Tobacco as the owner of America’s second, third, and fourth most popular cigarettes. The company will also obtain other popular tobacco brands like Grizzly smokeless tobacco, Natural American Spirit cigarettes, and Vuse electronic cigarettes.  Reynolds also acquired Blu e-cigarettes after buying Lorillard in 2014. In the same year Reynolds acquired Lorillard, the company requested that the Food and Drug Administration ban open system e-cigarettes that allow users to fill the devices with e-juice themselves. Reynolds claimed that there would be no way to safety regulate the e-juice customers used. It’s surprising that Reynolds claimed they cared about consumer safety when the cigarettes they and other tobacco companies sell are the only legal consumer product that will kill half its users. Don’t be fooled- the company’s brands of e-cigarettes, Blu and Vuse, are not open system e-cigarettes and it’s obvious they only wanted to eliminate their products’ competition.

Reynolds American, Inc. tobacco products

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