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Counter Tobacco Holding a Tobacco Retail Photo Contest

http:// you know that the tobacco industry spends $1 million every hour on marketing tactics at the point-of-sale? Point-of-sale refers to the marketing tactics used to try to get people to buy more things where they ring up their purchases. It’s why tempting candy bars are right at eye level when you’re waiting in line to check out at WalMart. And it’s why you see a huge power wall of tobacco products behind the cashier at the checkout counter of the gas station.


The tobacco industry will purposefully place its products at eye-level of children and near things that children will be looking at like candy, toys, and other snacks. Sometimes they will even put their tobacco products near products that look like tobacco like bubble gum cigars, cans of shredded beef jerky, or candy cigars.


Counter Tobacco has been monitoring these point-of-sale tactics and bringing awareness to the public since 2011. They’re asking eagle-eyed tobacco control advocates to take a closer look at local tobacco retailers to see what point-of-sale marketing tactics they can find and snap a photo. From October 5th through November 6th, participants can submit these photos in to specific categories and win Counter Tobacco prize packs. Click here to learn more.

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