Philip Morris has claimed they hope to one day create a ‘smoke free’ future with their heat-not-burn electronic device called IQOS. IQOS is currently not on the market in America but it has been enjoying popularity in Japan, Switzerland, and Russia. Rival British American Tobacco and Reynolds American are promoting their electronic devices Glo, Vype, and iFuse in their international test markets. In 2015, Reynold’s e-cigarettes Vuse and Blue enjoyed a comfortable spot as the owners of over half the e-cigarette market.

Though these products are not available in the US yet, they would not fall under the FDA’s nicotine-lowering policy if it is implemented.  While the policy may harm these companies’ traditional cigarette market, the market for their electronic devices may soar because smokers could choose to stick with the nicotine levels they’re used to and choose electronic devices that are unrestricted.  If people choose to buy electronic devices with nicotine levels that they’re used to instead of quitting or sticking with cigarettes, these e-cigarette manufacturers could enjoy a cushy future of padding their wallets.


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