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Indiana’s Tobacco Control Policies Didn’t Make the Grade

The American Lung Association recently published its State of Tobacco Control report that put a grade to US states’ efforts towards tobacco control. Indiana, unfortunately, didn’t do so well. We failed in the categories of Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Funding, Tobacco Taxes, Access to Cessation Services, and Tobacco 21 (raising the legal age to buy tobacco products to 21) .


Indiana has some big improvements to make, considering how smoking alone kills 11,100 Hoosiers every year. The American Lung Association advises that we raise our cigarette tax by at least another $1 on top of our current tax of $0.99 cents per pack. They also suggest we improve our tobacco cessation and prevention programs so we can give more people access to cessation resources.


Indiana, however, did pass with a C in one category- Smoke-Free Air. Back in 2012, Indiana passed a smoke-free air law that prohibits smoking in all public places except for bars, casinos, and private membership clubs, and tobacco-specific retailers. Zionsville, however, beat the state to the punch- the town passed the same policy in 2006 but included bars. The American Lung Association encourages every state to have comprehensive smoke-free air policies that prohibit smoking in all businesses, facilities, low-income housing, and at least 20 feet away from doors.

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