The CDC describes a stroke as “when the blood supply to the brain is blocked or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, causing brain tissue to die.” It can lead to memory loss, paralysis, and lost muscle control, making it the leading cause of disability.


About 1 in every 4 strokes is linked to smoking. Smoking causes increased cholesterol, thick and sticky blood, high blood pressure, and thickened arteries- all of which adds up to the perfect stroke-inducing storm. This storm will not always pass unnoticed- a person suffering a stroke will oftentimes exhibit very specific signs.  If you see the following FAST signs in a person, call 911 immediately.



Despite the dangerous link between smoking and stroke, a smoker can drop their risk of stroke to that of a non-smoker  just 2 months after quitting. Give 1(800)QUIT-NOW a call today to start taking your first steps to becoming a non-smoker.

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