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Preferred Provider Network

Patients rely on their healthcare providers to help them make positive choices about their health.

There are over 6,000 adult smokers in Boone County and their healthcare providers are integral helping them down the path to becoming nonsmokers. Tobacco Free Boone County is here to help.




Did you know that the state of Indiana offers free smoking cessation resources to ALL Hoosiers? 1-800-QUIT-NOW, WebCoach, and Text2Quit are all scientifically-backed smoking cessation programs that are proven to help people quit. Let’s break them down:


1(800)QUIT-NOW is a quitline service were users can sign up for their very own Quit Coach that has over 200 hours of training in smoking cessation techniques. People who sign up will receive a set number of calls depending on their unique circumstances, but they’re welcome to call the line 24/7. The service is available in 170 languages and users who are uninsured or on Medicaid may qualify for free nicotine replacement therapy.


Web Coach and Text2Quit can be used independently or to supplement 1(800)QUIT-NOW. Web Coach provides an online, community-based forum approach to quitting where people from all stages in their journey can chat and share tips. Users can track their journey through different tools and talk to their Quit Coach. Text2Quit allows users to text keywords to a program that will respond with games, trivia, tips, and words of encouragement to help them work through cravings- perfect for when a person cannot access a computer or their phone when a craving hits.



So, where does Tobacco Free Boone County come in? The Boone County Tobacco Coordinator, will briefly sit down with you and any other healthcare providers in your facility and train you how to use motivational interviewing to encourage your patients to quit. She will provide you with fax referral forms and teach you how to use the online referral portal necessary to refer patients to these services. Providers that refer patients to these quitting resources become a part of Indiana’s Preferred Provider Network and all HIPPA-compliant facilities in this network will receive periodic referral reports so providers can stay in the know regarding their patients’ quitting statuses. They will also be updated with any news regarding Quitline services and local tobacco news.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the preferred provider network, please feel free to contact the coordinator to discuss setting up a brief training session.