A graduate student from the University of Florida wanted to know if smoke-free signage in public parks were effective at curbing smoking. Once a week for 6 weeks, cigarette butts were collected in designated areas of 4 different parks where no smoke-free signage was collected. Then, once a week for 6 weeks after the initial collection, researchers gathered butts from the same areas after smoke-free signage was posted. Over 1,600 butts were collected in the period before smoke-free signs and about 1,000 were collected when the signs were put up that’s a drop of about 62%.


The research team noted that considering the most effective locations to place the signage was crucial. They thought that if signs were clearly placed in areas of high visibility that were close to popular areas such as pavilions and playgrounds, then the signs could be most effective.



If you are planning on having a smoke-free  event and would like to have signage like the ones mentioned in the study, please feel free to reach out to Tobacco Free Boone County. We have a series of smoke-free  signs you are welcome to borrow for your event!

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