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Tobacco Giant Wants to Stop Selling Cigarettes

After over 160 years of selling cigarettes, tobacco giant Philip Morris is claims they’re having a change of heart when it comes to cigarettes. The chief executive for Philip Morris International claims they want to do the right thing and phase out the  production a product that kills 93 people in Boone County every year- but are they just trying to pull the wool over our eyes?

The company has already invested $3 million their new IQos product, which is a device very similar to an e-cigarette or vape. It’s very possible that the company wants a slice of the booming electronic nicotine delivery systems market, which are very appealing to young audiences with their tempting flavors. About 1 in every 6 Hoosier high school students has tried one of these electronic devices.

In the past, documents have been released that prove tobacco companies such as Philip Morris purposefully and illegally market to young audiences, believing our youth are the replacements for the smokers that quit or die. Philip Morris claims their intentions are good, but we should not be so trusting of an industry that makes money off of a product that kills its customers.

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